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E-Mail Marketing and Content Management

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EMail Marketing Services from E-Workings.

Just twenty years ago, our mailboxes were full, mail trucks were overloaded... and mailmen had sore backs.

It all served an important service. Direct mail insured we were kept abreast of the latest offers from our favorite companies. From mail-order pantyhose to the latest catalogs, we were informed, and, if things went well, ready to buy. Unfortunately, direct mail was an incredibly inefficient way to get a message across.  Historiacally, if just 3% of the people you sent your mail to responded, the campaign was considered a success.  As a result, an whopping 97% of the promotional direct mail pieces business owners paid to get designed, printed and mailed to customers landed swiftly in the trash, along with other direct mail. And everyone was OK with that. Except the landfills.

Today there are more than 1.5 Billion email users. 500 Million more are expected to join by 2013.  A whopping 247 billion emails are sent every day, and 90% of US internet users have gone online to check an email. Over 57% check email every day. Here's one: by the time you read this sentence, over 20 Million new emails have entered cyberspace.

Email marketing helps you build relationships with your customers. It promotes your products, develops sales and can be easily controlled to take advantage of delivery times. In addition, you can quickly develop promotions that can have an immediate effect on sales. Last but not least, email marketing gives you the unique ability to quickly gather important data on your customer's buying habits, and provides other important data you can use for future promotions.

Let E-Workings deliver your email. Through rain or snow... or dark of night.

E-Mail Marketing. A Tree's Best Friend.

According to Conservatree, an average tree creates up to 8,333 sheets of paper. Based on over 247 billion emails sent each day, email marketing - as a replacement for direct mail - currently saves some three million trees every day!

Beyond the mother-nature politically correct aspect of email marketing, consider the improved response rates a properly administered email campaign can have. Add that benefit to the real earth benefits email has over printed promotions, and you have the best of both worlds.

Contact us today for No-Obligation Analysis and Free Cost Estimate on Email Marketing Packages.
Let us show how to use today's latest technology to properly market your product or services.

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